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Other Meningococcal stories

Kirsten Martin (20 Hrs)

When 24 yr old Kirsten left for work on a Tuesday morning in February 2003, she was feeling fine but by 10am she was back home in bed, not feeling well. Her local doctor diagnosed her with suspected meningococcal disease and sent her straight to hospital. But the hospital said that she had a virus and a urinary infection and sent her home. Later that night Kirsten started to develop a bruise-like rash and was rushed back to hospital at 8:30pm, By midnight she was in a coma and she dies at 5:20am on Wednesday morning.

Adam Brennand (7 Hours)

Adam was a 15yr old who had had a mild viral illness for a few days and was now improving. At approx 9:30pm her suddenly complained of feeling very unwell. Adam had a high temperature and cold hands and feet, for Adam cold hands and feet were not unusual. He was taken to the local hospital and a a presumptive diagnosis was correct, even though it was the early stages. Adam was then accompanied by doctors and transferred to a major hospitals intensive care unit. Adam died at 3:25 am. He had meningococcal septicaemia and was positive for Meningitis.

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